Your Best Foot Forward

We’re a couple weeks into the school year and getting back into a new routine. This years a little different for us since both my kiddos need to be dressed and out the door first thing in the morning. Last year, if need be, I could take my daughter, Mahlia, in her Jammie’s for Paxton’s drop off. But this year…both kids need to be dressed, fed, teeth brushed, bags packed and out the door. What are some routine hacks that help you? No, seriously, I’m not asking to be polite, we could use all the help we can get!

One thing I found helpful last year were storage bins. On Sunday we fill each bin with outfits for each day of the week, this eliminates any additional battles in the morning. I am utilizing this again for the new school year. But for Mahlia I wasn’t sure what I would do. I could definitely see some battles if I didn’t come up with a system for her. She LOVES picking out her own clothes depending on how she feels that day. Which I love, and totally get! But I’m not sure a Cardinals belly shirt (her favorite shirt) is appropriate for school. I mean, come on, the Cardinals didn’t win the World Series!

I didn’t want the kids to share bins, let’s be realistic, that would have been another battle in itself depleting any time-saving value the bins origInally brought. We didn’t have room for new storage bins so I needed to come up with a new solution. As some of you know, in the past year, I discovered a surprising love for felt and hot glue! So of course I immediately forced a solution where I could use these! Let me introduce you to…Days of the Week hanger tags!

We used one Command Damage-Free Hanging hook near her closet. Slipped the tag over the hanger and hung up her outfit for the next day. So in the morning when I tell the kids “it’s time to get dressed”, they both go in their room and there is no question of “what should I wear”!

Sure this trick definitely helps, but as you know there are about 132 other steps before getting out the door! Ok, maybe not that much, but close! I have not figured out a trick for shoes yet. That seems to be one of our most difficult tasks. I get it, it’s tedious, you have to put your foot inside the shoe, then some days we have to tie them, some days we Velcro, but everyday it take at least 5-6 times of telling them before the shoes are even looked at. Baby steps, I have no doubt we’ll get it down some day!

I would love to hear some of your favorites hacks/routines that work for you!

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