What’s Been Going On!

I have taken a break and have not been writing as much. Since I’m new to the blogging world, I am trying to figure out a good balance between being a Mom, managing our household, volunteering, doing projects and finding time to write.

I am working on the second half of the blog post from our Disney trip. I will have this wrapped up soon as we have another vacation later this month that I am excited to explore and write about!

What else has kept me so busy recently? Felting. Yes, felting and a hot glue gun has kept me from getting a lot of things done around here!

Who knew these two things could excite me so much! Mahlia’s birthday was last week and she wanted to celebrate with a Troll theme! Once I started creating…I couldn’t stop!

It started with Pinterest (not sure how anyone can do a birthday party  without it)! I got the idea to make Cloud from the movie, then I found a tutorial for cute Troll Hair Headbands! These two items opened the floodgates! My kids are obsessed with this movie, and now so am I! The music alone is amazing! The kids wanted “Hug Time” bracelets, so I thought, “I could make that”!

  • I started with a one inch strip of felt;
  • With my trusty hot glue gun, i added rainbow ribbon;
  • Then I made a felt flower from the headband tutorial;
  • Last I added self-sticking Velcro.

Done…instant “Hug Time” bracelets!

It didn’t stop there. A few days before the party I realized I didn’t buy those trusty plastic goody bags. Why couldn’t I make them out of felt?! I did a test one first and it turned out exactly how I wanted it to! So I ended up making one for each kid with their names on it! At that point I wished we had invited more kids because these were so fun to make!


And of course we needed a rainbow tutu for the birthday weekend!


The party was so much fun! The kids loved eating the “Troll Hair” aka cotton candy! The pinata was a hit and no one got hurt, Brent did a good job of holding the children back out of harms way!


What else have I been busy with? I tried sanding and staining one of our kitchen chairs to see if 1) I could do it, and 2) to see if I like the coloring. I am a little anxious to get our dining table refinished. I no longer want to look at the bare wood spots my children chiseled away with their silverware. The table looks awful! So far the weather has not cooperated for me to start this project full-blown. So in testing the chair I am finding that I am not happy with the look of the stain. I went with an ebony color, but I am now thinking I will need to paint the chairs black and use a really good protectant to get the look I want. So come on Spring! I want to get outside and work on this!

Otherwise, today I took some “me time”. So the only thing that got done around here today was refreshing and rejuvenating my spirit by shopping and lots of giggles with my friend…I would say I accomplished a lot!

Perfect rainy day for some shopping therapy! And any day with this gal is a good one!

So if you see that I haven’t updated my Blog in a while, I may be armed with a hot glue gun, packing for vacation, chasing children around or just chilling with friends!

I hope you found a rainbow in your rainy day!


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