“The Progeny” by Tosca Lee

Memory loss has been the theme of the books I’ve read recently. I am currently reading “Remembering Mia” where a mother wakes from a coma and has no recollection of how she got their or what’s happened to her daughter. This was one of my dollar finds from Dollar General. Who knew they carried books! Stephen King is one of my Mom’s favorite authors, so I had to get “Revival” to add to her collection! Mom read “Remembering Mia” first and finished it in one day! I’m excited to read this!

Recently I finished “The Twilight Wife” by A. J. Banner which is about a 34 year old who was in a diving accident and lost her memory from the last 4 years. Her husband takes her to a secluded island to rest and recover when the story from her past slowly starts to unravel and reveal itself. I thought I had this book figured out but there’s a twist at the end that I didn’t see coming!

In “The Progency” the main character “Emily” has a procedure to have her memory erased. But her past catches up to her quickly!

I loved this book and here are the reasons why:

It is a sci-fi, thriller, fantasy book that keeps your interest from the first page making it very hard to put down.! The main character ‘Emily” is recovering from a procedure where she had her memory erased. She soon is plunged into an adventure that takes her through Europe where she finds herself in the middle of a 400-year-old war between the descendants of a female serial killer. It’s hard to keep straight who we can and cannot trust along her journey. The book ends with a cliffhanger that will make you want to jump immediately into the second book.

The second book comes out May 7, 2017. So you have time to read this book! I will have my copy on order as I cant wait to finish this!

The Progeny

Let me know if you have read this and what you thought!

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