Spring Cleaning

Who else is excited that we made it through winter and spring is finally here? I felt like winter went by super fast and yet I have had cabin fever and I am so ready to put these winters blues in the past!

I am motivated to start working on my spring cleaning! My goal is to spring clean in 3 different areas:

1. My Body – I started the day today getting on the treadmill first thing this morning while rocking out to my amazon prime music list! I love how this jump started my day! I gave up sweets and desserts for Lent and so far I have overcome some major temptations. I honestly can’t believe I have lasted this long. I am starting to have dreams of eating chocolate! But I found I make up my sugar cravings by eating other things that may not be so good. So it’s time to come full circle and watch everything I’m eating and make sure I’m putting good things in my body!

2. My Soul – I need to tend to myself differently than I have been. I do love my time away with good friends like i mentioned in my “Mom Takes the Day Off” article. But I need to go deeper, I want to spring clean my mind and focus more on self-love. We can’t give love until we show love to ourselves. I have been way too hard on myself lately. I want to start meditation again to soothe my soul. Oprah and Deepak Chopra are doing another free 21-day meditation challenge. Who wants to try this with me?!

I also want to work on the many projects I have on my list such as refinishing our kitchen table and a canvas painting that has stared at me all winter. We have another birthday coming up soon in our family and we’ll be doing a Trolls theme! Just making the decorations for it, designing, cutting felt, makes my soul happy. I need to bring more of this in my life!

3. Our Home – I am ready to air out the winter funk and declutter! Research has proven that a cluttered home can affect our personal well-being. For me, I have always strived to have a clean, cozy home when Brent and the kids come home. I think there’s something very comforting and securing in this. I started yesterday by reorganizing a closet and kitchen cabinet. I will slowly take my time and work my way through the house!

I found this great article on some other ways to declutter your life: 7 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

I would love to hear your favorite ways to Spring Clean!

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