So You Drank All the Wine

Do you have a wine cabinet that doesn’t get used? I know that’s a ridiculous question. My friends would probably laugh at that question or look at me like I’ve gone insane. But yes, we actually had a wine cabinet that was sitting there…empty…true story.

It was about five years ago my husband tackled the project of finishing our basement. Paxton was almost two and I was pregnant and swollen with Mahlia. We thought it would be no time at all before we would be a family of four enjoying the new living quarters. The first part was correct, we quickly were a family of four but not enjoying the living quarters until about two years later.

Brent would work all day at his job, come home and work on the basement, on the weekends he would work in the basement. But what we forgot to calculate in was at the end of my pregnancy with Mahlia, I had a lot of trouble walking and getting around. I had to use the motorized carts when shopping, yeah; this pregnancy wasn’t all glowing and glamorous as I felt with Paxton. So this made it difficult taking care of a toddler, I had to call Brent away from his project and ask for his help. Then we had Mahlia and of course I had my hands full taking care of a newborn and just-turned 2-year-old. So I asked for his help. You get the picture why it took so long.

But the two years it took was totally worth it! Brent showed skills I didn’t even know he had! He installed a wet bar that we had custom-made. And in it we had…you guessed it, brand new wine racks! So this wine cabinet we had upstairs all these years (nothing fancy, I believe from target) was sitting empty, all but a lamp and accessories on top. It bothered me for a long time and I knew I wanted to do something with it. When I decided to become a stay-at-home Mom, it became clear what to do. I turned it into the kid’s art/school supply cabinet! Each wine slot holds scissors, glue, flash cards, paints and games. Under the wine glass holders they store their workbooks, crayons, markers and Play-Doh. It’s near the kitchen table so the kids can easily grab what they need to play or do their homework. One of my favorite mom hacks!

This was so easy to repurpose, all you need to do is, well…drink all your wine! Voila, you have yourself an art/school supply cabinet for the kids!

Our toy room also utilizes an old wine rack from my 20’s. Since we have an abundance of Hawkeye cups in our home, I filled each cup with markers, crayons, pencils and stickers. I  recently started saving our wine corks. Hmm…another wine project in the works?!

A good friend of mine just told me that this Saturday is national wine day! Bottoms up!

UPDATE: I probably should have checked the calendar, National Wine Day is actually on May 25th. But not just that one day, there are actually 14 fabulous wine days! But I feel everyday should be wine day really…

Here is a link to a Blog by Madeline Puckette, read this and mark your calendars!

National Wine Days of the Year

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