Plans Are For Fools

As a Mom you have routines, make plans and have an idea of how your day will go. And you also know, all of this can go out the window in an instant. Usually at the most inconvenient time when you have someplace important to be or just something fun to do.

When I went to bed last night my plans in my head went something like this. We would get up and rock our morning routine, getting out the door on time. Mahlia and I would then head to Starbucks to treat this Momma to a white chocolate mocha, then we would be off to a coffee/playdate with some friends. I would then take Mahlia to school and instead of cleaning the house, I would go on a much needed lunch date with my Mom. We would get sushi, Mom would probably eat the entire pile of ginger again thinking it was shaved carrots, then we would do some shopping!

Instead this is how our day has gone: It all started at 4am with our son Paxton crawling into bed with us burning up with a fever. So… I make regular crappy coffee at home to get me through the morning while pumping Paxton full of fluids while he watches a Star Wars movie and rests off his 102.6 temperature. I get Mahlia to school, and instead of sushi and shopping, I make chicken noodle soup and I clean. I pick up the house, do some laundry, put on my hazmat suit and hose the house down with Lysol.  You know, the typical cleaning you do when someone in your house is sick.

This is life today, living on the edge, never knowing what each day will bring. Much different from my 20’s…but you know what, I would never want to go back and have never been happier to create a loving home and raise our little ones.

Here’s to throwing plans out the window!

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