Mom Takes the Day Off

Wait…what?! Can we do that?

When my friend, Kristina, recently suggested we do a spa day during the week, immediately the excitement kicked in, then soon after the guilt followed. Can I part with my sweet little girl and get her a sitter for the day? Since I’m not working, should I spend the money to pamper myself? What about all the laundry that never ends…all the “mom responsibilities” we have on our plate?

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DIY Crib Mattress Turned Reading Nook

When you first become pregnant, most of us started with a blank/empty room and we were so excited to get our first baby blanket, onesies, and first baby rattle. Then you finally get to fill the room with the actual crib and changing table! Before you know it, you have so much baby crap that it becomes overwhelming! So what do you do with it all when they’ve out grown it and your pretty sure you won’t be needing it again?

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Meet the Ultimate DIY Mom

Before I can go any further on this site I need to talk about someone that has instilled the passion for creativity in me, one of the most incredible women I know, my Mom. By the age of 10 my Mom taught me how to knit, cross stitch and sew. I may not have utilized these skills or appreciated them so much when I was younger but I unknowingly carried them with me throughout  my life.

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New Beginnings

I love new beginnings! The chance to start from scratch, make something your own,  take in all the possibilities that lie ahead.

If you would have told me at the beginning of 2016 that in 2017 I would be a stay-a-home Mom, I would be starting my first blog and Donald Trump would be president. I probably would have laughed and bet you beer if any one these events actually came true. Well, here we are today…cheers! This proves to me that there are absolutely no limit to the possibilities the year can bring. Continue reading “New Beginnings” »