I have been dreading this day all summer…the day both my kids would both go back to school full-time. I tend to over think sometimes, ok, a lot of times. I worried about what I would do with myself when both kids were in school. Did I do enough with the kids this summer? What if I never get this opportunity again to spend summers with my kids?

I have grown and changed so much since becoming a Mom and since becoming a SAHM. I couldn’t go back to my former life, although it had suited me well at the time, I am not in the same place.

Now that I am sitting here in that dreaded moment, I have to laugh at myself! My day has turned out beautiful! After school drop-off’s, I sat in our quiet home and enjoyed my cup of coffee with hazelnut creamer and a lump or two of tears. I pulled myself together and had a fabulous lunch with a new friend. Now I’m relaxing on the deck updating my website, dreaming about what projects I want to do next. And most of all, exited about a new opportunity I am currently embarking on!

Not knowing what’s around the corner can be scary, but the moment you dip your toes in you can feel the excitement ¬†and refreshing sense of opportunity and envision the endless possibilities that surround it!

“Take a deep breath and enjoy the ride”!




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