Morning Routine Fiasco

Some day’s I feel a little like superwoman, so on top of things and knocking this Mom/Wife thing out of the park. Today…was NOT one of those days.

It has been 138 days since I became a stay at home Mom and it has officially happened. That day I was trying to avoid.  I’m actually surprised  it didn’t happen sooner. I took the kids to school this morning in my pajama pants. Not even my good ones, the ones I love so much they have a big hole in the knee. And forget about makeup or doing my hair. Not my finest moment. And our morning routine totally flopped right before my eyes. Trying to get out the door on time can be a daily struggle for us to begin with. This morning we were in rare form. At the very moment we should be heading out the door, nobody had their shoes or coats on, my son Paxton is sprawled on the living floor complaining “why do I have to go to school everyday”, and my daughter Mahlia, who has the most impeccable timing, decides she needs to poop. Welcome to my life!

It sometimes feels like we may be the only family running around like chickens with their heads cut off. I imagine other families getting ready for school where the children actually listen and say , “Mom, I have my shoes and coat on and my backpack is packed, can we go to school now”!

The funny part is I will have to do this whole getting ready for school thing and getting out the door on time in another few hours as it will be Mahlias turn. So I have yet another chance to knock this routine thing out of the park. Thank goodness for second chances!

I hope you have nothing but smooth transitions throughout your day!

UPDATE: I like to think that I totally redeemed myself from this mornings events. Mahlia got to school on time, I am actually dressed in appropriate clothes you can go out in. I also put makeup on and actually washed and fixed my hair! But lets be honest, our whole family is going to get our passports this afternoon. This morning is not a moment I need documented and captured as I travel the world for the next 10 years!

UPDATE to the UPDATE: We couldn’t get our passports this afternoon so we will redo all of this tomorrow. Maybe this is Gods way of giving  me a do over. I’m sure we’ll nail it next time! Hopefully…


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