Meet the Ultimate DIY Mom

Before I can go any further on this site I need to talk about someone that has instilled the passion for creativity in me, one of the most incredible women I know, my Mom. By the age of 10 my Mom taught me how to knit, cross stitch and sew. I may not have utilized these skills or appreciated them so much when I was younger but I unknowingly carried them with me throughout  my life.

At 22 I was living 1,300 miles away from home in the great city of Tampa. I had moved to Florida on a whim with some friends, eventually getting a place of my own, found myself working in the property management business and made some incredible friends. Although I do not have the privilege of seeing these friends  regularly today, they will be forever in my heart. This was the time in my life where I stretched and grew into an independent woman. But at the same time I learned that I will always need my Mom no matter how old I am. It was at this age one day sitting in my apartment, watching the movie Wuthering Heights on MTV and all I could think about was how incredible the sweater of the main character was and how I could totally make it. I immediately went to the nearest craft store and bought all the supplies I thought I needed. I called my Mom in the Midwest and had her talk me through the steps again of casting on the yarn, knit and pearl techniques. Mind you, there was no FaceTime back then, which would have made that process much simpler! Right there in that moment is where all those skills that were instilled in me all those years ago came rushing back and quite frankly started a fire in me. Maybe part of it was because in that moment, although we were so far away,  I had a piece of my Mom with me. And who cares that the sweater ultimately turned into a blanket. I found that when I knitted, all stresses went away, time elapsed, I had found my happy place.

I’m pretty sure my Mom can do anything. Here is the reason she is my top go-to advisor for so many things. At a young age, she too was taught to cross stitch, knit, and sew. But her skills are something we do not see anymore in our generation. As a teenager, she made her own clothes. When she married my Dad, she made her own wedding dress out of white velvet for crying out loud! Not only was she a hard working farmer for 20 years, but she has also worked as a florist, librarian and got her degree as an interior designer. Today she is retired but is not slowing down! Her talent as an artist is unbelievable! Her own house is an art gallery for all her masterpieces. Here are a few examples of her work:

So now you can see why I always consult my Mom when starting any new projects. I am excited to share with you some projects we have worked on together and new projects to come. My birthday gift from her this year was a painting project we will do together on a 36in x 48in blank canvas! I am so excited to get started! Stay tuned!

What is something your Mom (or loved one) has taught you that will remain with you forever? Please comment and share, I would love to hear all about it!

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  1. This post brings a smile to my face Kristy! 🙂 Your moms love for design, art, and creativity has influenced my life as well! I had the honor to work with her after completing the interior design program at Kirkwood. Your mom was a wonderful mentor and I always admired her talents. She was a great teacher and she will always be a forever friend! After reading your post it brings back memories of the two of u teaching me how to knit. Lol! 🙂 Remember all those scarves we used to knit? I would love to catch up with you two ladies and maybe take a refresher course on knitting again?! Knitting is something I miss very much as well as the two of u! Moms are the BEST and you definitely have a special one right there!!!

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