Pregnancy Loss Awareness (My Story)

Pregnancy and infant loss awareness month is a chance to bring this topic to the forefront, support each other and show that we are not alone in this matter. It’s a topic most people want to avoid and would rather you quickly get over and shove under the rug. Let’s shake that rug out, beat the dust of shame and awkwardness out of it, and put it into the sun to bring us light and healing. Continue reading “Pregnancy Loss Awareness (My Story)” »

Spring Cleaning

Who else is excited that we made it through winter and spring is finally here? I felt like winter went by super fast and yet I have had cabin fever and I am so ready to put these winters blues in the past!

I am motivated to start working on my spring cleaning! My goal is to spring clean in 3 different areas: Continue reading “Spring Cleaning” »

Be the Light

I noticed it when Mahlia was two. We were shopping at a store and she was singing her favorite song by the Beetles, “Here Comes the Sun”. As we were leaving the store I saw it…the light…the blessing. Mahlia is constantly singing wherever she is, especially at home, and I hate to admit it, but I  became immune to it. But on this day I saw what was actually going on, and I will never forget this day. Continue reading “Be the Light” »

Date Night

It’s a Saturday night and I’m sitting across from my husband, Brent, on date night at one of our favorite restaurants we haven’t been to in ages. The lights are dim, we’re enjoying the basket of bread and an adult beverage when I look at him and ask “Can I say something honestly?” I see the look of concern on his face as he responds, “How honest?” I feel like it’s something I shouldn’t say out loud but here it goes… Continue reading “Date Night” »

“The Shack” Book Review

Between Barbie playing, light saber battles and birthday parties, I was able to get “The Shack” read! I am learning to read among chaos and distractions. And I feel I have accomplished this! I am not going to pretend to be a professional review writer or make this into a school essay to be turned in. I only want to share something that I love. The love to read and to tell you about a book from my own perspective. Continue reading ““The Shack” Book Review” »


Imagine there was an emergency number only for the sole purpose to be used when a Mom gets sick. A “MOMergency” number. You’re home making breakfast for the kids and getting them ready for school when your throat starts to feel scratchy, your body aches and you feel like you have been hit by a truck. No worries, you call the “MOMergency” number and a vehicle shows up at your house. In this “MOMergency” vehicle is 1) the Nanny; 2) a housekeeper; 3) a chef; and last but not least 4) your own care taker that whisks you away to a private sanctuary spa to recover properly. Continue reading “MOMergency” »

Mom Takes the Day Off

Wait…what?! Can we do that?

When my friend, Kristina, recently suggested we do a spa day during the week, immediately the excitement kicked in, then soon after the guilt followed. Can I part with my sweet little girl and get her a sitter for the day? Since I’m not working, should I spend the money to pamper myself? What about all the laundry that never ends…all the “mom responsibilities” we have on our plate?

Continue reading “Mom Takes the Day Off” »

Meet the Ultimate DIY Mom

Before I can go any further on this site I need to talk about someone that has instilled the passion for creativity in me, one of the most incredible women I know, my Mom. By the age of 10 my Mom taught me how to knit, cross stitch and sew. I may not have utilized these skills or appreciated them so much when I was younger but I unknowingly carried them with me throughout  my life.

Continue reading “Meet the Ultimate DIY Mom” »