Be the Light

I noticed it when Mahlia was two. We were shopping at a store and she was singing her favorite song by the Beetles, “Here Comes the Sun”. As we were leaving the store I saw it…the light…the blessing. Mahlia is constantly singing wherever she is, especially at home, and I hate to admit it, but I  became immune to it. But on this day I saw what was actually going on, and I will never forget this day.

As we checked out and we’re heading toward the door and Mahlia’s singing her song, I saw it on this strangers face. It made me do a double take, she had a smile of pure joy hearing her sing. When we got in the car, I turned to her and said “Mahlia, you are a blessing. You just put a smile on that women face, that makes you a blessing”. I felt it was important for her to hear and know that. She was staring at me quietly, and at 2 I wasn’t sure how much of that she actually grasped.

About 15 minutes later while  driving to pick up her brother, she started singing “Here Comes The Sun” again. But this time I could hear a difference, she was singing louder and with much more purpose. I knew at that moment, she understood what I wish so many people did, that we are each a blessing in our own unique ways. No matter how small the gesture, bringing light into someone’s life is what’s it’s all about.

Almost three years later and she’s still at it. Everyday I tell my kids to spread kindness.  If you can put a smile on one person’s face, that is being a blessing. If you happened to be shopping at Hy-Vee last week you may have heard Mahlia’s rendition of “Away in the Manger”, “the little old Jesus asleep in the hay”. One of my favorites!

Be the blessing you are…be the light. Go ahead…dance like no ones looking!

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  1. I love this so much!!! “Here Comes the Sun” was on my baby shower playlist for Charlie and it is TRUE. They are blessings and as their moms sometimes we forget, or get used to it, until someone outside our circle reminds us. Thank you for sharing on Sunday Thoughts…keep ’em coming!!!

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